left behind is our everything…

left behind is our everything…

on a trip to the mountains,
two lovers sat on golden sand,
holding on to each other,
hand in hand,
gazed at the mountains,
the blue sky with fluffy white clouds,
taken by the sound of water,
in absolute silence,
from morning until the sky was brushed,
with golden, orange, and pink hues,

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Innocence Lost: Christchurch

Innocence Lost: Christchurch

O Friday prayer,
you come with so much hope and peace,
to Muslims whom with love and peace themselves adorn
a blessed day for us,
yet, on this one, we mourn,

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i sing to you my unborn child,
as you grow strong and wild,
as the calamities of this world have piled,
with every thought of you, I smiled,

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maybe we were too busy,
searching for validation,
late we realized,
the expiry date…

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