Baby Maryam =)

Sometimes, we go through situations in life where we seem to overreact, where our actions don’t make any sense to the people around us and to our own selves too. We start questioning ourselves, thinking we’re just being silly or stupid for feeling the way we do. But if we look deep, in our heart’s core we find the answer. Something that was never truly resolved, something that left a deep scar in our young selves and we choose to neglect its importance even though we promised to change it on that day when we’re able to make our own decisions.

Today, I looked at your beautiful smile, I saw your dreams and aspirations, your joy and energy which can take up this world. I saw you for who you are and I knew very well what was going behind that picture. I remembered your dream of becoming a writer, all these papers, pencils, colors, and all that mess you would hide under your bed, though outside, ribbons in your hair, and bracelets on your hands, you would wake up, dress up for no reason at all except that you liked it. Today, I looked at myself in the mirror, a published author, but a reflection of something which is nothing like you.

And I am sorry,
I just couldn’t help but realize,
I failed you,
Yes, I did,
I failed you…