I’m Maryam. Art and creative writing has been a passion of mine since a very young age. At five years old, I started stacking rolls of fax paper under my bed and I would use them for drawing and writing my feelings and thoughts which were always swirling and twirling in my head. As the years went by and priorities shifted, I started drifting away from writing and artwork only to realize that life’s confusions and randomness could only be settled by expressing my words in poetry.
Year 2015 was my resolute return to writing and poetry, as I began to share my work on social media and I started thinking of other ways to express my feelings and my artistic eye. In 2017, learning from personal life experiences, I developed a digital poetry art project that embraced the value of pain in whatever shape or form it may take on an individual level and how sometimes, it may serve as the point which makes us realize our true selves. This was the graduation project for my Masters of Digital Media at Ryerson University.At the moment, I am working on a poetry book that tells a story of a servant’s journey through life’s ups and downs while striving to reconnect with the Creator. Let’s not spill the beans just yet . . . Stay in touch.


















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"Maybe some words of mine are not what you expect
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